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The History of Eternal Art

Eternal Art is a Swedish Metal band and was formed by Simon Lind. It started off with Simon first wrote a few songs and began thinking about forming a new band. One thing led to another and he found musicians to join the band. Eternal Art has been active since 2010 and did the first gig in the summer the same year. The lineup was Simon Lind on Guitar & Vocals, Dara Kalateh on Keyboard, Anton Palmborg on Guitar, Daniel Nilsson on Bass and Andreas Rådström on Drums.

The year 2011, Eternal Art recorded their first demo featuring the song Seventh Life. Later that year the guitarist Anton Palmborg decided to leave the band. Eternal Art got more gigs and during the summer of 2012 the band started to record two more songs.

A year later, 2013, another bandmember left the band, this time the bassist Daniel Nilsson. This led to Eternal Art finding replacements for both bass and guitar. Isak Holmner on bass and Johan Westin on guitar played their first gig with Eternal Art in November at Umeå Folketshus. The same year, Eternal Art's song Violated Privacy got played for the first time on a local radio show in Sweden. 2014 started with Eternal Art hitting the studio for recording their first EP. Tales To Remember was the result which was released 10th October the same year. In the end of the year, both Isak and Johan parted ways due to music differences.

Without bassist and a second guitarist it became crucial to find replacements. In the beginning of 2015 Eternal Art auditioned new band members and Gustav Skäremo on bass and Thomas Isaksson on guitar got the job. Another thing to mention, at this time Eternal Art exported their first physical CD, Tales to Remember, to a fan in Greece. Later that year Eternal Art decided to record their second EP which became The Resistance and was released the 5th of November.

After one year in the band, Gustav decided to move back to his home town in the southern part of Sweden. Eternal Art then found Patrik Hörnqvist as an excellent replacement on bass. Through the years the band has played shows at various places around Umeå. Bigger shows such as Rådhustorget, Döbelnspark and Umeå Folketshus and smaller ones at Verket etc. Keep your eyes open for new gigs with Eternal Art.

Former members:
Karl Brinck
Oliver Dalbäck
Anton Palmborg
Daniel Nilsson
Isak Holmner
Johan Westin
Gustav Skäremo
Thomas Isaksson
Dara Kalateh
Andreas Rådström

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